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Pittsburgh Smokehouse

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Savor the Flavor of our 'Low and Slow' Hometown Cooking

Andy showing off his Meat!

Andy Wincko

President / Pitmaster

The Pittsburgh Smokehouse originated with one hungry man and a never-ending quest for perfect barbeque. Disappointed with “name-brand” recipes, Andy Wincko embarked on a mission to ensure his family and friends would never have to suffer the mass-produced taste from somewhere down under ever again.


Andy’s quest for delicious barbeque quickly turned into a passion once he bought his own smoker and was able to fine tune his barbecuing skills until his standards were met (which didn't take long). After he perfected the art of barbecue, he went on to making his own sauce. Don’t ask him how it’s made because that’s a family secret.


The amazing taste of Andy’s cooking quickly spread between friends so naturally; everyone started telling him to go into business. Andy and his brother-in-law Mike got together and bought a professional smoker so they could establish The Pittsburgh Smokehouse.


Staying true to the unique quality that the city of Pittsburgh is known for, Andy invites you and your family to “Savor The Flavor” of The Pittsburgh Smokehouse



The man with the plan.  Make us the number one BBQ in the Burgh!

Tim Harden

Marketing Manager

The newest addition to the Smokehouse team, Tim's mission is to make sure every great neighborhood and surrounding suburb of Pittsburgh has an opportunity to taste and fall in love with our BBQ. Tim is proud to be a part of this smokey, meat-filled adventure.