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Beers of the Burgh (Version 2.0)

On May 16, join us for the 2nd Annual Beers of the Burgh Festival  for your chance to mingle with 40+ Pittsburgh area brewers and try their best ales, lagers, stouts, ciders and more. All told, there’ll be over 100 different styles available to try not to mention live music, 5 amazing food trucks and – if we play our cards right – temporary tattoos. Needless to say folks, this is an event not to be missed.


Beer Food: This Year’s Festival Menu

Mar 02, 2015 14:43:35

Before bringing you Pittsburgh’s first all local beer fest in 2014, we put in 2+ years of grueling behind-the-scenes research to find out what separates the festival good from the festival great.

Naturally, an excellent beer selection is the first huge step towards success. An available water supply, accessible bathrooms, lively entertainment and moderated crowd all fall somewhere along the line after that. But in our opinion, the second most important element of any great beer fest is… the food.

Sure, pretzel necklaces are fun and chances are you’ll make a drunken pizza stop on your walk home, but trust us, festival food matters. If you want to maximize your sampling stamina, you’re going to need to cleanse your palate between bitters and pad your tum tum before delving into the higher ABV offerings. That’s why we’re stacking our festival line-up with 6 of Pittsburgh’s best local food vendors. Not only can you find sustenance among the suds, you’ll have your choice of different types of cuisine to round out both your palate and your evening.

Here’s a look at what we’ve got cookin:

Pittsburgh Smokehouse – The home of the Steel City’s best brisket will be making a triumphant return after a busy year catering to visiting movie stars like John Goodmanand William Smith. Rick Sebak recommends getting yourself situated with a pork and brisket sammich as early as possible.

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